Calm Daily 100g

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Powered by: Ashwagandha, an ancient anti-anxiety and antioxidant ingredient.

Benefits: Assistance to relieve stress from anxiety and long term stress related issues.

Calm Daily

If your dog is overly boisterous, full of energy, suffers from anxiety or constantly nervous, on a daily basis then this carefully selected blend of herbs will help to settle your pet down.

All the ingredients, mixed in precise amounts, have been proven throughout the ages to be natural sedatives and calming agents. Behavioural changes will be apparent but must be fed daily to see the full affects of a calm and happy pet.


Passionflower exhibits sedative and anti-anxiety activity in animals. Human studies of Passionflower, in combination with other herbs, have also demonstrated anti-anxiety and sedative properties. 



Dosage can be doubled for the first 14 days.

Serve daily with pets meal.

Calm Daily Ingredients

Passionflower, Hops, Vervain, Lavender


All our formulas are created from 100% natural ingredients and mixed under strict quality conditions. 

Please as per our dosage instructions and should a problem occur seek veterinarian advice.

For Animal Treatment Only. 

There are options available for this product. Either in a liquid formula which is applied direct onto the nose for immediate effect or as a powder which is added to their diet for a longer relief.