Calm Remedy 100g

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Calm Remedy has been formulated for those dogs in short term stressful situations, for example storms, travel to name a few. Or as the name your dog is a little boisterous, full of energy, and you just need the calm factor then and there, this carefully selected blend of herbs will be the answer.

                                                  All the ingredients, mixed in precise amounts, are proven to be natural sedatives and calming agents. You will see behavioural changes very quickly after application. As can keep on administering until the desired affect has been reached. But remember to get them before they are stressed as it is much harder to bring them down to a calm state once it has been heightened.

                                                  Ashwagandha - Eases anxiety naturally

                                                  Vervain – Boosts mood

                                                  Passionflower and Lavender – Help to calm the nerves 

                                                  Zizyphus seed – Helps the pet fall asleep and reduces insomnia