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Bark Naturals MultiVit-Boost

This is a natural vitamin supplement and mineral range for the pet's general health and well being. The 'Super Red' blend in MultiVit-Boost can increase your pet's metabolism to aid with any necessary weight loss, act as a liver detox, aid in digestion and even boost the pet's overall mental health. This super blend can also assist with improving your pet's skin softness and coat cuddliness.


This well tested and complex combination of natural ingredients provides a multifaceted approach to your dog’s health.

This formula contains overwhelming levels of Natural Nitrates. These Natural Nitrates produce Nitric Oxide which in turn opens the blood vessels and this improves blood flow throughout the body, including the brain, heart, and muscles.


                                                This Natural Nitrate process powered by MultiVit-Boost assists your pet’s overall health in many areas.

                                                *Increases metabolism, that when combined with a low-calorie diet, can assist in achieving ideal body weight

                                                *Helps relax the mind and create a sense of well-being through mental stability

                                                *Reduces the stomach acids thus minimising regurgitation (if not stopping it)

                                                *The increased metabolism stimulates nerves in both intestines, which assists in improving overall digestion of                                                   foods including fats

                                                *Acts as a liver tonic, which purifies the blood to assist in the prevention of cancers. This natural detoxing of                                                     the liver also stimulates liver cells to improve liver, kidney and bladder functionalities.