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Joint- Boost

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From Kasey Dellaway, Bathurst

I've had Blaze on the Joint-Boost for 2 weeks for the arthritis in her L pastern paw and the swellinghas been significantly reduced. She has been having Synovan injections monthly for 2 years and I have been treating her for 6 months with remedial massage to try and break down the

adhesions and calcification of the joint and your product in 2 weeks has done more for her!

Thank you


Calm Remedy


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Denise Ball, WA

Have to say your Calm Remedy is amazing stuff. We have a Dobermann who gets very stressed with Thunder and Lightning. Used this product on Saturday night and it calmed him right down. 

We didn't even need to use his Thunder Shirt.  :) He usual paces the house, shivers and shakes and tries to crawl under my jumper. No puffing, no panting, lay calmly on the sofa within minutes of the product being applied. Only one application was needed this time. Can't speak highly enough of this product - a MUST HAVE for anyone who has a dog with this "phobia".





Josh Grant, Brisbane

I was so happy with the Milk-Boost, I had used other brands and found that my puppies maintained weight but didn't gain weight or thrive. I was told about the Milk-Boost and thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try. I was so happy with the results my puppies gained the correct amount of weight, they loved the taste.

I am thankful for this amazing product and I will say it took a bit to get use to the blue/green colour but I will defiantly making sure that this goes hope with all my puppy buyers.




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Linda Buckley, Canberra

I was looking for a bit of a pick me up for my dogs, they are well fed but do a lot of travelling and exercise so I wanted to make sure they had all the essential vitamins they needed. 

So I was put onto the Multi-Boost and boy what a difference my dogs vitality has been and within a couple of weeks I noticed the difference especially when I missed a day.

I make sure they get it once a day now, so they have that great spring in their step, thanks for making sure a great super reds formula my dogs can't live without it.