Raw Boost Mix Adult - 5.98kg

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Raw Boost adult Mix is a Natural Dog food mix designed specifically for adult dogs. It contains a dry mix of natural ingredients formulated by a Naturopath to enhance your dog’s raw meat diet.

​This formula is a complex blend of 100 % natural ingredients specifically selected to ensure your dog is eating the right balance of vitamins, fats, nutrients and acids etc to maintain a healthy happy life.

​This dry muesli type food additive has been extensively tested over many years by dog breeding professionals with amazing results.

​Once your young dog has finished benefiting from our Raw Boost adult Mix diet and becomes an adult dog, we recommend using our adult mix to continue providing your dog a natural healthy food mix.

​Ultimately your dog will live a longer, happier and healthier life!

Ingredients  - Alfalfa, chia seed, gentian, kelp, st marys thistle,  garlic, celery, pea, protien, molasses,vitamin B Complex, sunflower, coconut.